Courtyard introduce mixed redundant power supplies to their SPGs.

Conventional N+1 redundant power supplies sometimes fail to provide a good match to the realities and reliabilities of the available power grid. Increasingly redundant power is being supplied at DC to protect against external power grid interruptions.

To provide a solution Courtyard have introduced a mixed redundant power supply option for the CY460 Sync Pulse Generator.  One input is conventional mains AC from the external grid the other is 12v DC from the local uninterruptable power.  Whenever mains AC is available that is what will be used but the slightest of trouble on the mains and the 12v DC will be seamlessly switched in.

Over voltage protection , reverse voltage protection and EMC filtering provide the finish to the excellent solution and of course any AC or DC power faults can be logged via the OpenGear Connect system included as standard in the CY460 Sync Pulse Generator.