SportsDog – Sports Data, Logos & Lapsed Time

SportsDog is the ideal tool for displaying live sports information. A good example is during a live football game when it is often required to display a channel logo, team logos, and names, the score, and of course, the elapsed time. Sports dog can do all this and more.

It can import almost any graphic image format, so design of logos can easily be achieved using freely available design packages. A key file can also be imported allowing logos to be displayed with any level of tansparency and/or softness.

SportsDog can be used upstream or downstream as it includes its own internal keyer in addition to offering a key signal output. Scores can be updated live via remote panel (ideal for OB applications), or alternatively via a network connection.

  • Any size logo – team logos and channel branding
  • Integral CG allows addition of text fields – team names/scores
  • Count up/down clock – elapsed time(how long is left to play?)
  • Live update of scores
  • Imports images in almost any graphic fromat
  • Vast number of different clocks can be stored on the hard disk
  • Selectable upstream or downstream modes
  • Remote control via panel, virtual panel & automation systems
  • Network capability
  • GPI inputs for simple control
  • Cut or fade in/out
  • Serial Digital video (SD, HD & 3G) input and output