CY460 – Master SPG Test Pattern & Time Reference Generator

The CY460D is the ultimate sync, test pattern  & time reference generator designed to satisfy all needs of broadcast serial digital (Standard, High Definition, 3G & 4K UHD), IP and mixed/hybrid, post-production, Studio, OB and other operational environments. It provides all the reference (Colour Black, Tri-Level Sync), timing and test signals, including LTC and VITC, together with analogue audio, AES audio & Wordclock, needed to satisfy any application in PAL, NTSC, SD SDI, HD SDI, 3G SDI, 4K UHD, IP and hybrid installations. It also provides time reference signals, NTP (Network Time Protocol), and can simultaneously be an IEEE 1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol) Grandmaster or Follower.

The unit is supplied with dual “hot swap” redundant power supplies for maximum security.  The power supplies are directly accessible from the front panel.

The CY460 is designed for use either as a master or, when genlocked, as a slave SPG. Where it is critical to have a backup SPG, the CY465A auto changeover unit complements the CY460. This can be user configured to monitor and changeover analogue video, digital video, timecode and AES/EBU digital audio signals.

CY460D-Short Form