TimePieCe – In-vision Station Clock

In-vision/on air clock generator

TimePieCe is the most user friendly, user programmable on-air clock available for the insertion of in-vision clocks of any size, from small ‘breakfast’ styles, right up to full screen versions. It can import almost any graphic image format, so design of clock backgrounds and logos can easily be achieved using freely available design packages. Clock hands are in fact 3 characters of a font and are simply produced using standard font design software. Analogue or digital styles are both possible and can be saved as profiles to be recalled as required.

TimePieCe can be used upstream or downstream as it includes its own internal keyer in addition to offering a key signal output. It can also be installed on a network and profiles can be called up as required. For example a small ‘bug’ type clock can be called up for breakfast programs and a full screen corporate clock can be called up before the main news.

  • Any size clocks from small ‘breakfast style up to full screen
  • Digital or analogue clock styles
  • AES/EBU LTC timecode or NTP input for time reference
  • Uses internal hard disk for clock image, hand & profile storage
  • Vast number of different clocks can be stored on the hard disk
  • Selectable upstream or downstream modes
  • Controllable by automation systems
  • Network capability
  • GPI inputs for simple control
  • User programmable clock face and hand using standard software packages
  • User selectable time offset from incoming timecode reference
  • Serial Digital video (SD, HD & 3G) input and output