Diamond Credit – Character Generator

Pure in Character
DiamondCREDIT stands out amongst character generators, designed with you, the user in mind, its superb user interface makes it both fast and easy to use. The fully anti-aliased output makes it ideal for use in any application that demands the highest quality output standards.

Flexible in Concept
DiamondCREDIT offers a range of features to satisfy all user requirements in titling, captioning and subtitling. Its flexible design allows you a selection of configurations from basic analogue systems through to systems with serial digital inputs and outputs and using an inbuilt keyer. Whatever your application – DiamondCREDIT is the answer.

Fast in Operation
Speed and ease of operation are the unique benefits of working with DiamondCREDIT. The fact is DiamondCREDIT works just like a word processor using all the same techniques and user friendliness in an efficient and logical manner. Text maniipulation is handled with the minimum of keystrokes and menus, which means that it is equally suitalbe for use in post production and on-line television or outside broadcast environments.

Wordplay in many languages
True to its word, one of DiamondCREDIT’s best selling features is its ability to accept the wide range of typefaces used in PCs around the world. This means you have access to the greatest possible range of readily available typefaces at the lowest possible prices.ansmission of documents is so simple. DiamondCREDIT easily caters for all European languages. Many other languages, including Arabic, Farsi, and Cyrillic are also accommodated.