Courtyard introduce mixed redundant power supplies to their SPGs.

Conventional N+1 redundant power supplies sometimes fail to provide a good match to the realities and reliabilities of the available power grid. Increasingly redundant power is being supplied at DC to protect against external power grid interruptions.

To provide a solution Courtyard have introduced a mixed redundant power supply option for the CY460 Sync Pulse Generator.  One input is conventional mains AC from the external grid the other is 12v DC from the local uninterruptable power.  Whenever mains AC is available that is what will be used but the slightest of trouble on the mains and the 12v DC will be seamlessly switched in.

Over voltage protection , reverse voltage protection and EMC filtering provide the finish to the excellent solution and of course any AC or DC power faults can be logged via the OpenGear Connect system included as standard in the CY460 Sync Pulse Generator.

Courtyard joins Ross Video openGear community

Courtyard Electronics joins the openGear community, integrating their new flagship CY 460 SPG, TPG & Time Reference generator with Ross Video’s Dashboard control and monitoring system via openGear Connect.

“The CY460 is complex and highly configurable, and housed in a one rack unit,” said Steve Cranny, Sales Director, Courtyard Electronics Limited. “It has its own front panel LCD display and controls from which all parameters can be set – but we also wanted to offer our customers a remote control solution via Ethernet.”

“Courtyard is a valuable addition in fully integrating openGear Connect for control of the CY460 Master SPG Test Pattern and Time Reference Generator from DashBoard,” said Eric Goodmurphy, Director of Infrastructure, Ross Video. “DashBoard continues to extend its reach far beyond a modular control system.”

“Dashboard is an excellent TCP/IP control system,” continued Steve. “It was an obvious choice for us to become an openGear partner and implement the CY460 Dashboard control solution. Customers who already have other Ross Video and openGear products will benefit from being able to control and monitor those and the CY460 from a single platform.”

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25 years of SPG

25 years of SPG, Time Reference, Video and Audio Test excellence rolled into one rack unit – Courtyard CY460

Courtyard Electronics have produced SPGs for 25 years, pursuing a policy of continuous development to meet the ever changing needs of the industry. Today we meet those needs with our latest product – the CY460. Our approach has always been to offer as broad a range of features as cost effectively as possible whilst maintaining the highest possible technical performance standards. Experience is often undervalued, but 25 years of acquired knowledge enables us to include many valuable features in our SPGs, tailor-made to the specific needs of our customers. The CY460 is the culmination and offers all the analogue and digital references any user could ask for, together with an outstanding array of additional facilities.

Operationally it is possible configure, control and monitor from the front panel, or remotely via an Ethernet connection (which additionally provides SNMP status monitoring). The CY460 offers a wide variety of formats and allows for a mixture of formats simultaneously. It is even possible to have different test pattern outputs in different formats each with its own unique text ident – especially valuable in uplink applications. Text idents can even be in any language. Timecode outputs can be locked to GPS, Vertical Interval Timecode (VITC) on the reference input or via a remote NTP server. When locked to GPS the CY460 can also be deployed as an NTP server itself. Analogue and digital audio reference and test signals are available separately and embedded within the digital video outputs, which can be SD, HD or 3G. Options can be turned on using a software key obviating the need to install additional hardware, and any upgrades can be uploaded and installed via Ethernet.

Above all the CY460, like its forerunners is very stable, very accurate, and very reliable and will provide continuous uninterrupted service for many years.