CY260 – Countdown Leader Clock

VT Clocks were originally developed to satisfy the Technical Standards and Transmission Requirements set by the Independent Television Companies Association for television advertising in the UK. Any advertisement transmitted was required to have a VTR leader clock recorded prior to the advertisement. This was for a number of reasons, but the primary purpose was to maintain the technical standard of all broadcast material. Additionally it has become a useful device for clearly identifying the producer of the recorded material which has led to more widespread use outside the UK where its use is not an absolute requirement. The CY200 VT Clock was the first product released by Courtyard back in 1986, followed by the CY250. They and the current model have been the industry standard video tape countdown leader clock ever since, and are established in the history of broadcast television.

The CY260 provide all the technical and aesthetic requirements of a VT Clock. The CY260 is available with serial digital I/O including HD & 3G.