Courtyard Double TSGs and add 4K to flagship CY460 SPG.

The latest option card for Courtyard’s CY460 Master Reference and Test Signal Generator doubles the number of independent SDI (up to 3G) test signal and SDI (up to 3G) colour black generators from 2 to 4.
All pairs of outputs can be configured to have independent video format, pattern, embedded audio and text idents.

This option enhances the already comprehensive capability of the SPG in a number of operational environments. For example 4 different outgoing lines could be separately identified with bars, audio and text ident. Another application may require test patterns outputs in a varity of video formats.

Having 4 independent 3G test signal outputs means that it is also possible to have a single 4K test signal output, so the addition of the CY410 option card brings 4k functionality to the CY460 as well. The option can of course be retrospectively added to any existing units in the field.