CY440 – Master SPG and Reference Generator




Designed to the same rigorous standards as the flagship CY460, the CY440 is a cost effective Master sync, test pattern & reference generator which meet the needs of broadcast serial digital (Standard, High Definition & 3G) and mixed digital/analogue, post-production, OB and other operational environments. It provides the video reference (Colour Black, Tri-Level Sync), timing and test signals, plus LTC and VITC, unbalanced AES audio, Wordclock, and DARS needed to satisfy many applications in PAL, NTSC, SD SDI, HD SDI, & 3G SDI  and mixed standard installations.

The unit is supplied with external  dual “hot swap” redundant power supplies for maximum security.

The CY440 is designed for use either as a master or, when genlocked, as a slave SPG. Where it is critical to have a backup SPG, the CY445 auto changeover unit complements the CY440. This can be user configured to monitor and changeover analogue, SDI video, Timecode and AES/EBU digital audio signals

CY440 – Short Form pdf